Who is David Ash? What is his background?

David Ash is the publisher and poet behind the Haiku for Life series. He first learned about haiku in sixth grade and his undergraduate degree in English Literature from Georgetown University focused on 20th century poets such as e.e. cummings and T.S. Eliot. Ash later earned a Masters in Liturgical Music from Santa Clara University. He has been a clerk, secretary, teleprompter typist, financial paraplanner, proposal writer, newspaper columnist, ad rep, newsletter editor, and art gallery owner. He was also a music and/or liturgy director at various Catholic parishes for 17 years and is still a composer and hymn writer. He is an unabashed punster, and it shows in his haiku. Ash's first book of haiku was published when he was almost the age that Basho was when he died. He lives in Mukilteo. Washington with his wife and son.

Can I submit haiku for consideration?

Right now, David Ash is the only poet whose works appear in the Haiku for Life series. The goal is to open that door to others sometime in 2009. Please return to this page for updates!

In the meantime, submissions of haiku or other poetry or prose are not being accepted at this time. Any unsolicited creative writing sent to Basho Press, LLC by any means and through any media becomes the property of Basho Press, LLC to be used or not without remuneration as the officers or the employees of the company see fit.

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